Service Manager – Incident “Stop the clock”


A close friend and fellow SCSM nerd solved a commonly asked question about pausing the SLO clock for Incidents.
This blog post covers the solution he came up with.

Thanks Shayne for sharing your Stop the Clock solution

System Center User Community Newcastle

Stop the clock – Pause SLA

Hey Everyone,

I have been asked a few times if I can post a blog about my “Stop the clock” solution I put in at my previous job. So, here it is!!

There are a few prerequisites.

You need to create the Incident Status you want to be included for status changes, which will trigger the “Stop the clock” workflow. Once these are created, follow the steps below.

1: Create Custom MP.

2: Create Notification Subscription including queues (Incident P1,P2,P3,”Paused”) and what will kickoff workflow (status change from x to y). Important: Create in Custom MP.

3: Create SLO’s in Custom MP – Resolution Time P1, Resulution Time P2, Resolution Time P3, Response Time P1, Response Time P2, Response Time P3.

4: Export Custom MP.

5: Open in XML Editor.

6: Find line – “NotificationSubscription_’GUID ID of…

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  1. Amanda Hore

    Hi Brett. I have implemented this and it is working well for one pending status. If we want to do it for 2 different status (we have pending User and pending date), so I just have the update instance there twice within each workflow subscription, as they will reference different GUID for the status?
    Have you tried this?


    • Brett Moffett

      Hi Amanda,
      No I have not tried it, but you are exactly right with your description. I will do a re-write of this whole process in the not to distant future that describes exactly what is going on here so others can extend it to their own needs.


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