Why is my Service Manager Service Catalog website blank?

When installing the Service Catalog website for System Centre 2012 Service Manager I came across an issue with the Service Catalog website and it not showing any detail.

As the image below shows there is nothing but a blank detail on the screen.


If you try to edit the page you can see that the ServiceCatalogWebPart is installed in the detail pain but it is not being populated with any data.

The ServiceCatalogWebPart is populated from another web site within IIS (WebContentServer) that connects to the service catalog database. The permissions and access to this site must be correct before the portal will display any data.

When opening IIS Manager you will see the two sites and all their associated settings:

By right clicking the site and selecting “Edit Bindings” you are able to see the port and connection type (HTTP or HTTPS) that has been specified for this site.

To test connection to the WebContentServer browse to:
http://<ServerName>:<Port>/ContentHost/ClientBin/Settings.xml for HTTP
https://<ServerName>:<Port>/ContentHost/ClientBin/Settings.xml for HTTPS
Where <ServerName> is the name of the server hosting the WebContentServer website and <Port> is the port that the WebContentServer is on.

The following screen should be displayed:

If you are unable to see then there is an issue with the site and the web part will not be able to see the data.

With the correct URL working for the Settings.xml the connection for the webpart will need to be updated with the correct URL and Port information.

Within IIS open the Service Manager Portal website and double click the Application Settings icon.

This will open the Application Settings for the site. Double click the SMPortal_WebContentServer_URL to configure it and enter the URL and Port that was successful in the above step:


If this is done correctly you should see the contact being published as below:


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