Issues with Packaging Lync 2013 in SCCM 2012

If you are trying to package Lync 2013 client only within SCCM you may come across a few issues that are not well documented out there.

First thing to know is MSP files do not work with the Lync 2013 with SP1 media!
I know this sounds odd but after many hours of testing I found that when using a MSP file with the Lync 2013 with SP1 media the install would run, the log file would report success, programs and settings would show a successful install, but the installation would just not happen. (Caveat: I have only tested this on Windows 7 at this stage)

There is a blog article from the MS Office team that provides new OCT files for Office to overcome this issue, however they do not work for the Lync stand alone media.

There are several simple solutions:

  • Use Custom.xml for the install. This will work but will limit the additional tasks you can perform, such as installing other applications, adding or removing files and adding or removing registry keys. If you are after a fast and simple install of Lync 2013 with SP1 then use this method.
  • Use Lync 2013 media then patch up to SP1. By using the Lync 2013 RTM media the MPS issue is not there and you have full control over the deployment. Then by copying the latest Lync 2013 update to the Updates folder the installation will automatically update the client to the latest version.
  • Use the Office 2013 with SP1 media. But wait…  You only want to install Lync right? That’s fine, just create a custom MSP file and un-check all other products from the Office suite. Not only will this work with your MSP files, but also makes upgrading to Office 2013 simpler at a later date.

One other piece of advice before you get stuck is to check what the customer is licensed for. Lync 2013 can be purchased separately and they may have VLC MAK and KMS keys that are specific to Lync. If they have purchased Office Professional Plus 2013 then the MAK and KMS keys for that will only work with the Office install of Lync.


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